Link on Sages' Bridge

by: Nicholas Trompeter

Semester: Fall 2012
Class: Beginning Sculpture
Assignment: Create a sculpture in stone

For this assignment we were to come up with a design that could be carved out of a piece of limestone. The entire sculpture didn't have to be made out of stone, as you can see since I have a stainless steel ball as a focal point on top of the sculpture. Using a hammer-drill, I cut a section of stone from a larger piece that was available. Then I learned to use an angle grinder to cut out the under part of the bridge and begin to shape the sides and top of the piece. With sanding disks on the grinder, I formed the curves on the top, front, and bottom, and with a pneumatic chisel, I was able to carve out the inner portion of the piece where the ball rests. Then, with a few different grits of drywall sandpaper, I was able to smooth down the entire piece and then cover it with a wax to bring out the grain of the limestone. Finally, I drilled a hole to insert a threaded rod to hold the stainless steel ball in place on top of the bridge.

Image of Bridge Sculpture

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