Nick Trompeter


Jack Of All Trades (and Skilled Integrator)

Long has the term Jack of All Trades been used around our society in reference to an individual with a broad set of skills. Through the ages, the phrase, "master of none" has been affixed to the end of the term, claiming that while you may have many skills, there is not one in particular in which you would consider yourself an expert. While some might consider this a negative addition to the phrase, I personally see it as not tunneling all of my expertise to one area, but opening my eyes to see the surface of many areas and see how they interrelate. I take pride in being an Integrator of Trades as I understand that if you look back to see the forrest from the trees, the work of one has always been built on the work of many.

In my senior year of college, while I was working and studying to become a game designer, I found myself as the middle man between our team of artists and our team of programmers. I helped integrate the art and sound into the code or our game, and realized that is one job I really enjoy. However, that wasn't all I did that year. I've taken plenty of classes at Bradley University that have allowed me to create (something I love to do). Videos, sculptures, web pages, whatever. Some of my favorite creations rely on using my hands and a non-digital medium to make a physical piece of art, but that doesn't mean that my other works aren't just as important to me.

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