My name is Nicholas Trompeter. I am a senior at Bradley University majoring in Interactive Media (with a concentration in Game Design) and pursuing a career in Serious Gaming. I am also minoring in both computer science and studio art. My hobbies include scuplture work, playing the guitar, and working with small scale circuits (projects typically involving LEDs).

Current Path

Over the past year, I've realized that my interest lies in creating serious games. I love the idea that games can be created to help people. Job training, education, exercise, health improvement, and so many more areas, have the potential to become games that add the "fun" element to tasks that some might not consider fun.


My personality stems from the fact that I am both a designer and a programmer. I enjoy letting my creativity flow out onto the screen. Although I always say I prefer art to math, deep down, I still enjoy the precision of mathematics. (Mind of a programmer, Heart of a designer)


My ideas usually come from that which surrounds me everyday. God, family, friends, nature, city life, and more, influence my personality and, in turn, influence my creations.


My rhythm beats at a different tempo. I love the speed technology has to offer these days, but I try to slow myself down every once in a while. I find the slow pace relaxing when my mind is overwhelmed with too much input. This is where I tend to step away from the computer and pick up one of my hobbies to clear my mind and yet at the same time keep it moving.


My style—like many others—is my own (yeah, just a bit of an oxymoron, i know). I like to be unique and not follow trends. I try my best to be original, and I appreciate when original ideas are presented to the world. When I do use other's ideas it becomes more of a jumping off point. I work to make my creation plenty different from their idea/creation allowing my own imagination to shine.

Contact Me

If you have any comments about my work, or just want to talk, feel free to e-mail me:

nick {at} nicktrompeter [dot] com

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