Mask of Luke Fude

by: Nicholas Trompeter

Murder Mystery Masquerade: Fall 2010

An evening of fun, friends, and a frightening twist. Who did it? Well it wasn't me, but I did play the role of Luke Fude, one of the most hilarious gentleman you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He's a knee-slapping comedian at night and a critical governmental food inspector by day. Luke's best pals beg him to break into professional standup comedy as he's always the one to hurl everyone into tears from laughter!

Starting with a blank white face mask bought at Hobby Lobby that just had cut outs for the eyes and breathing holes for the nostrils, I was able to cut up and paint the mask to try and better reflect my character's personality. The right of the mask, from the wearer's point of view, shows Luke's day job as a critical food inspector with the strength of both the lightning bolt and fire. This side represents day time with a white glossy sun hidden on the matte white surface. These painted elements are meant to balance the sharpness of the cut-out design created on the left of the face. The painted designs on the left express the fact that at night Luke hits the town telling joke after joke. This comedic nature about him is further defined in the jester-style three-point design that tops the mask.

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