Test Flight for Bradley

Semester: Spring 2013
Class: Advanced Studio Topics

For this class, I was in a team with six other students helping Bob Emser, a sculptor from Eureka IL, create a series of gliders for Bradley's campus. Bob had a lot of tricks up his sleeve when it came to doing things the easy way, and he taught me a lot about how to work around problems by seeing solutions from a different angle. I learned of another way to bend plywood, how to use some new tools (like a scale ruler), how to use some tools for other purposes (like using a metal yard stick to get an evenly curved edge), and how to draw a line that follows the edge of another piece. Bob also gave some tips on what it takes to find work as a sculptor, and now, more than ever, I'm looking forward to working on some of my own future projects.

Thank you to Bob for taking time to help us out and letting us work with him.
You can visit his website at: bobemser.com

Special thanks to Paul Votaw for taking these pictures and Thea Baldwin for supplying the pictures.
Here's Paul's 500px link if you want to look at his work: 500px.com/pvotaw
And here's a link to Thea's site: theabaldwin.com

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